Schoenstatt On The Lake

A Marian Movement

As Pope John Paul II expressed in a message to the Schoenstatt Family during an audience in 1985, "An authentic Marian spirituality leads to a deep love for the Church." Schoenstatt's origin is inseparable from its unique relationship with Mary. Since the founding Covenant of Love of 1914, love of Mary has been at the heart of Schoenstatt and its spirituality. Schoenstatt is deeply and devotedly Marian and has repeatedly experienced how love of Mary opens new avenues to a vibrant relationship with Christ, to the Holy Spirit and to God the Father, and to a renewal of love of neighbor and self.

Covenant of Love

For those who feel called, Mary allows us an even deeper way to come in contact with Schoenstatt spirituality. This way is through the Covenant of Love, which was first sealed with the Blessed Mother by Fr. Joseph Kentenich and a group of young seminarians back on October 18th, 1914. The Covenant of Love, following God's biblical covenant example, is a mutual promise and exchange of hearts between ourselves and the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. Being a Covenant of Love, this spiritual practice gives us the opportunity to renew our baptismal promises to Christ, as well as allowing us to partner with Mary as intermediary, strengthening the bond between ourselves and our Savior. The Covenant of Love is a beautiful way in which, as Catholic faithful, we can actively participate in a revitalization of what it means to live our Catholic faith.