Schoenstatt On The Lake

About the Retreat Center

The Schoenstatt retreat center in Sleepy Eye Minnesota is just a few steps away from the Jubilee Family Shrine. Built to supply room and board for the many people coming to experience the Schoenstatt Shrine in Minnesota, as well as provide space for Schoenstatt family events, this center is a beautiful place with guest rooms, dormitories, conference room, meeting rooms, and dining space. Joyfully run by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, the retreat center is a constant buzz of faith filled activity. From summer camps where capture the flag is played on the lawns to founding day celebrations where the Schoenstatt family gathers together for prayer and fellowship to the smallest of silent retreats where Mary listens with intimate awareness to the most heartfelt prayer, Schoenstatt on the Lake is a place of grace and joy!


The Schoenstatt retreat center is open to both Schoenstatt family, as well as other groups that may wish to utilize its facilities. For information about utilizing the retreat center for your group and booking information please contact Schoenstatt on the Lake.